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Our Services

Akeel group of companies provides a comprehensive, structured approach in the delivery of its services, assuring the development of quality, cost-effective projects. Emphasis is placed from Day One upon the Company's intense involvement in all aspects of the development process and the imperative for providing the highest standards of quality products and services. 

Line of Services


Equipment planning and coordination:


  • Develop Master Equipment Plan

  • Equipment Budget and Schedule

  • Computer Networking 

  • Detailed Specifications and requests for proposals 

  • Bid Evaluation and vendor selection 

  • Equipment and Interior furnishings 

  • Prepare procurement information 

  • Coordinate Delivery, Receiving, Installation and Acceptance 

  • Evaluate and Inventory Existing Equipment 



Operational Planning and Development: 


  • Staff Profiling and Development 

  • Department Plans 

  • Management Information System 

  • Financial and Accounting Systems 

  • Materials Management 

  • Vendor Selection and Coordination 

  • Marketing and Public Relations 

  • Human Resource and Recruitment 

  • Training and Education 

  • Accreditation and Certification

Project Commissioning 


  • Recruiting, Hiring, and Relocation of Management Team

  • Staff Recruitment and Orientation 

  • Delivery and Installation of Equipment and Furnishings 

  • Applications Training on Equipment 

  • Clearance of Contractors and Sub-Contractors 

  • Receiving and Stocking of Disposable Goods 

  • Final Government and Regulatory Approvals 

  • "Dry Run" Practice Sessions with Staff 






  • Quality Monitoring 

  • Management Audit 

  • Contract Services (Management and Equipment)

  • Facility Service Contracting (Cleaning, Catering etc)

  • Transportation, Accommodations Leases 

  • Staff Recruitment, and Management 

  • Trouble Shooting / Problem Solving 

  • Visas / Desert Passes / Back Office / Legal Support 

  • Clinics Mobilization

  • Joint Ventures

  • Private Investments

Our representative can assist you by providing the exact information you need to make an informed decision to make your business run smoothly, economically, and safely.  Contact us today

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