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to the Oil, Gas and Power Energy Industry

Offering Customized

Procurement Solutions

We are a procurement, purchasing and outsourcing company that specializes in partnering with customers in the Industrial, Oil, Gas and Power Energy sector to supply complete systems, machinery, parts, consumables and services for their projects and everyday operations.

Our Satisfied Clients

Schlumberger Logo.jpg, Schlumberger Libya
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Baker Hughes Logo.jpg; Baker Hughes Libya
ExxonMobil Logo.jpg; ExxonMobil Libya
Total Logo.jpg; Total Libya
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Srinext is one of the leading rig inspection companies worldwide. It is recognized by its clients as having the best expertise on its range of services.

We assist you at each stage of the your project and provide Digitalized Services, with a unique real time reporting.

Additive Direct Services logo.jpg

Additive Direct Services has brought to market the ThioTreat™ and ThioTreat-M™ series; an innovative, non-amine, non-aldehyde H2S scavenger for crude oil applications.

Through innovative chemistries, Additive Direct Services specializes in state of the art  removal of H2S.


#1  Leading Supplier of Industrial Safety Products, and Personal Protective Equipment in Libya, serving the industry for more then 17 years

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we serve.

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